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For the past year, I've had the experience of being a part of the Niagara Falls Boys and Girls Club Cookbook Committee. Our committee is in the process of finishing our cookbook, A Stir In The Mist: Tastes and Traditions of Niagara Falls. It is a collection of recipes from the Niagara Falls community and local restaurants. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to the Niagara Falls Boys and Girls Club. Just recently I have relocated to Ohio, but still wanted to be involved with the book. After watching the movie Julie and Julia, I was inspired to share the great recipes from our cookbook and the experience I had making each of them. I hope you will enjoy the journey I will take stirring my way through A Stir In The Mist!

Let the "stirring" begin!

Well I have started this venture through the cookbook. First things first, each recipe I do will only be a little story about the steps it took to get to the final product. There will be no ingredients given out and no steps to how I got every great tasting recipe to turn out so delicious. That is for you to find out when you purchase or when someone else purchases"A Stir in the Mist" for you!!

I will apologize now for any grammar or punctuation mistakes I may make. I know I am coming from a family of educators, therefore I should know better about these things, but I may make a few mistakes. Soo lets get started....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breakfast Scones

Scones are a great way to start the day with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. 
You have seen these in many bakeries I am sure. They are usually round and flat, similar to a biscuit. They are also made into little triangular shapes.
The Breakfast Scones in "A Stir in The Mist" call for golden raisins, raisins are not my all time favorite so I split the recipe up and did half raisin and half chocolate chip. If you would like to add something of your choice, it is up to you!

Instead of cutting the ingredients in half, I made two separate recipes. This way there is no confusion in the kitchen and you can have an even amount of both. It will double the recipe but when you have company there will be enough to go around.

  The consistency should be like a dough but not as soft as a pizza or bread dough. Make sure when you start to roll the dough out, your board is floured very well so there is no sticking, and remember to rub a little flour on your rolling pin as well.
 I chose to use a glass to make my scone shapes.
I always dip my glass into my flour just so there is no sticking.
 Flour is to stickiness as oil is to squeakiness. (The only way I figure I could explain)
If you feel it sticking then add a little flour. If you feel it sticking more, add a little flour. If you have added to much flour, believe me you will know. You will not stick, you will not spread out, you will know. So moisten your hands a little and start working that moisture back in.
Keep an eye on this recipe when backing, you do not want to over bake. They will harden to much and be very dry. Underbake a little this way once they sit they will continue to taste nice and fresh. Let that the tops brown just a little too!

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shrimp Scampi Romano

First thing us hungry people think of when you see "Scampi" on a menu or in a cookbook, you think of little miniature shrimps seasoned and sauteed in butter splendidness. (If that is not a word, it is now) "Scampi" is a culinary name for a kind of small lobster and is also the description of preparation typically for this lobster. 
 Today we will be preparing the shrimp this way for Shrimp Scampi Romano.
Everything in this recipe is very easy to find in your local grocery store. Being that Romano Cheese is a big part in this recipe....Don't Skimp!!!! 
 Pecorino Romano fresh from an Italian food store or if it is Pecorino Romano sealed tightly in a package and brought over from Italy as a souvenir from your father in-law Fabrizio, either way of getting it is ok choose one and you are set! Do not settle for the Kraft brand or one in a sealed container, because you have a New Years Resolution to use coupons. Go for the real deal! 
 With the New Year here, everyone is watching what they eat and putting in more time at the gym. It does not mean you cannot still eat pasta! In moderation is the key. I used wheat angel hair pasta and it turned out tasting Magnifico!

“Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.” Sophia Loren